Bangkok – TrueVisions has introduced the new True Knowledge package, delivering new varieties of content across over 90 channels (up from 78 channels originally) by the end of April. The monthly fee has also been reduced to 299 baht per month from 495 baht, together with free after-sale service throughout membership period.

The package is aimed at viewers who are looking for quality content at an affordable price. It is easily accessible for viewers nationwide, with an extra promotional offer of 155 baht monthly per point. There will also be free installation nationwide starting January 15.

“We are targeting new viewers who have never subscribed, satellite viewers with no monthly fee, and antenna viewers. The package is a new option for those looking for quality content that extends beyond free TV. We aim to increase the number of True Knowledge subscribers by 30% by the end of 2013,” said Anat Mek-paiboonvatana, Managing Director of TrueVisions.