According to, StarHub plans to re-negotiate for the rights to broadcast the English Premier League (EPL), now known as Barclay’s Premier League, as a way to maintain its competitive edge.

The report quoted Chief Executive Neil Montefiore as saying, “When we took the Euro Cup on an exclusive basis, we priced it around S$60-S$70 depending on when you bought it. Generally, the feedback was that was too much, so I think we’d have to price significantly below that on a monthly basis. So somewhere between S$25 and S$35 I would think would be the pricing we’d want to offer customers.”

Inclusive of EPL matches, SingTel currently charges S$34.90 for its sports package. They recently secured non-exclusive rights to broadcast EPL matches for another three seasons starting next year. This has left the door open for StarHub to try to negotiate its own deal.

If the deal is signed, StarHub customers might have to pay S$25-S$35 a month to watch the matches. However, the company has so far been unable to start talks with the rights holders. “The EPL is still in an ‘exclusive negotiating period’ with SingTel,” said Montefiore.