Lori Grimes, played by Sarah Wayne Callies

 Q: How will the character of Lori Grimes evolve in Season 3?

Sarah Wayne Callies at MIPCOM 2012

A: Well, I think everything is made more acute by the pregnancy right now. A few months have passed between Seasons 2 and 3 and I think she’s trying very hard to make sure that she never asks anything of anyone, that she doesn’t put any pressure on Rick, that she never says ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I’m tired’, or any duress. And hopefully the evolution of Rick and Lori this season is the evolution of a couple who are trying to reach one another again after a big breach in their marriage.

Q: With Shane out of the picture, has the relationship between Lori and Rick improved, or not?

A: Yeah, I think things really broke down between Rick and Lori not necessarily because he killed Shane. But I think she’s afraid that in killing him, he turned into him, because he didn’t kill him just out of self-defense. He said he wanted to and he wanted him out of the way. So, I think it’s her fear of what Rick is becoming and her backing away from him that really created that rift.

Q: What does being a part of The Walking Dead mean to you?

A: More than I can possibly say. It’s the greatest story I’ve ever gotten to tell with the greatest group of people. And the fact that it’s been as well-received as it’s been is just an enormous honour to all of us.

Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer, The Walking Dead

Gale Anne Hurd (left), with Sarah Wayne Callies (right),

posing outside the Hotel Martinez at the MIPCOM 2012

opening party.

 Q: What does it mean to be here, representing The Walking Dead and what it’s become?

A: Well, you know, three years in, there are more zombies and more viewers, so we certainly can’t complain!

Q: Tell me, what we can expect in the new season?

A: We have something really exciting with the introduction of two new characters from the comic book. The Governor played by David Morrissey, who is a fantastic British actor nominated for a BAFTA award. And then the Katana-wielding swordswoman Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, who actually grew up in Zimbabwe; so it really is an international cast.