Cannes – NBC Universal International is rolling out a number a new format shows this year in the Asia-Pacific region. In an exclusive interview with TV ASIA Plus, Yvonne Pilkington, SVP Formats said it has acquired the Asian rights to Still Standing, based on the Israeli gameshow developed by Armoza Productions. The format offers contestants the chance to win by out-guessing 10 opponents in 10 fast-paced and dramatic trivia battles, where the losers disappear through trapdoors. “We’re really focusing a lot of our efforts on this show,” said Pilkington. “Giving it a glossy edge and transforming it into a format that works anywhere. It’s very well produced.” The programme, expected to be in some Asian markets before the end of the year, may be produced at the KRU production studios just outside of Kuala Lumpur, in a move similar to Universal’s other popular format Minute To Win It. Not only was the Malaysian version of the show shot there, but also India’s and the Middle East’s. Pilkington also shared that a pan-regional version of Top Chef is in the works for Asia. “The competition cuts across so many different levels and categories. It’s all about fine dining and is as much inspirational as it is a competition. We want to do a lot with the format in Asia.” NBC Universal International will also be rolling out Top Design Australia in June. The interior design themed reality show is the first version to be produced outside of the U.S and sees top designers from Australia designing and renovating a range of properties. But unlike the inner-city styled American version, this new production will be centered around the lifestyles and sensibilities of Australian families – complete with a place to put the barbecue. The show, which begins shooting next week, will be broadcast on Channel 9, said Pilkington.