Hong Kong – Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat) announced that Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited (Phoenix TV) has signed a contract to distribute a new free to air Cantonese language channel ‘Phoenix Hong Kong’ through its MCPC (Multiple Channels per Carrier) platform on AsiaSat 3S. Utilising C-band capacity on AsiaSat 3S, located at 105.5ºE, and the MCPC and uplinking facilities from AsiaSat’s Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong, the Phoenix Hong Kong channel has commenced broadcasting, offering viewers in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific a variety of Cantonese programming including news, financial and business content. Phoenix TV also delivers three Mandarin language channels on AsiaSat 3S. These include its flagship channel ‘Phoenix Chinese’, family movie entertainment channel ‘Phoenix Movies’, and information and finance news channel ‘Phoenix Infonews’.