May 2011

Cover Story


  • Talk the talk

    One name synonymous with television is Larry Namer. He began his career in 1971 at Time Inc Manhattan Cable and went on to become VP of Los Angeles Valley Cable Television, the United States’ fi rst 61 channel two-way cable system. He is co-founder of the global hit E! Entertainment Television and was one of the fi rst to bring Western forms of TV entertainment to the former Soviet Union. More recently Larry has fi xed his sights on Asia and is a founding partner of Metan Development Group, which specializes in content for the Chinese market. He talks exclusively to Marc Checkley about how to make successful TV behind the Great Wall.... Read More


  • Taking it East

    Pay TV is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in Asia today. Across the region viewers are hooking up and switching on in their masses. This of course gives countless possibilities for content providers in the U.S to move their wares to new markets and platforms, but what programmes work and where? Angel Orengo shares his view on the series and formats making the Asian connection.... Read More

Country Focus

  • The great divide

    The growing cable television market in China is becoming more modern and progressing, but not without a few stumbling blocks. How to stay onside with local offi cials while creating engaging content and working with Chinese partners can be diffi cult both practically and philosophically. But, despite the challenges, there are some foreign companies diligently clearing a path toward success in the world’s most populous nation, Jeremy Nuttall explains.... Read More


  • Travel: specifically

    Since its launch in 1994, Travel Channel has been a source of information, entertainment and the occasional bout of wanderlust for globetrotters and armchair travellers alike. With hundreds of hours in its programming library, the channel is now focusing on giving Asia the travel bug. TV ASIA Plus talks to Gerry Ritchie and Geoff Ellis in London.... Read More

  • Tweaking a Master

    Network Ten’s reworking of the Junior MasterChef format has been one of the biggest success stories on television in the past year. Not only has it been a hit with viewers in its home turf but also in Asia. TV Asia Plus looks at how this Aussie version took the same ingredients but developed a whole new recipe for the popular format.... Read More

  • Finding harmony

    Asia’s music industry assembles next month for the sixth Music Matters. The annual event gathers the global music scene’s key fi gures – from creators to marketers, from management to pioneers – in one place in hopes to propagate new ways to drive the business forward. Before it descends on Singapore’s shores, Sam Yen looks at music’s place in Asian content and its aim to be heard.... Read More

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