Singapore – SPE Networks – Asia’s new channel, AXN Beyond, launches in Malaysia on 30 August 2010. This completes the network’s footprint in Southeast Asia, having already launched in key territories like Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. AXN Beyond, a spin-off from leading English general entertainment channel AXN, will be made available in high definition (HD) on the Astro B.yond platform. It will provide viewers in Malaysia the widest spectrum of genres from one destination. Ranging from mystery & suspense, fantasy & science-fiction, paranormal & supernatural, to fashion & design and lifestyle & romance, AXN Beyond HD provides varied content through an extensive range of programming including drama, variety, reality, sitcom, dramedy, entertainment talk shows, features and movies. Ricky Ow, senior vice president & general manager, SPE Networks – Asia said, “With the growing popularity of HD content, Astro has done extremely well with their Astro B.yond platform, having possibly the best take-up rates for its HD channels in Asia. We see a huge potential in this market – that is why we have decided to launch AXN Beyond HD, following the success of AXN HD in Malaysia. We believe that the AXN Beyond programming will appeal to a wide range of demographics, and with it being offered in HD, it will be especially popular with the younger, tech-savvy core audience of 18-35 year-olds.” Headlining AXN Beyond HD’s debut are two global blockbuster hits – mystery-adventure drama series Lost to unravel the ultimate destinies of the Oceanic Flight 815 crash survivors on the enigmatic island; as well as paranormal-action series Supernatural which stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the demon-hunting Winchester brothers who must stop the Devil from bringing Apocalypse to Earth.