Cannes – NHK/NHK Educational Corporation and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel have announced the co-production of the ultimate science entertainment series, Discover Science which will show the rules of nature through spectacular experiments. Production is being led by NHK Educational Corporation (NED), an NHK affiliate that produces a vast number of programs for NHK’s educational channel. NED is well known for children’s programs but also produces a wide range of programs for adults. NED’s expertise in creative visualization will be paired with NHK’s latest shooting techniques to yield fascinating ways to visualize scientific phenomena. The production team has made it a rule not to use CGI or talking heads. The visual focus is the experiments, which will be easy for viewers to understand and presented in an entertaining way on a massive scale. NED and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) have enjoyed a fruitful relationship through exchanges of children’s programs since JCC was launched in 2005. Discover Science is the first series to be co-produced by NHK, NED, and JCC. The Discover Science series is being produced as 26 editions of 14 minutes each. The completion target is the fall of this year.