Seoul – Telecom giant, KT has said that it would open up its networks to other firms, especially data service providers, which would allow them to offer a variety of multimedia services to mobile device users. KT also said it will introduce this year a handset that supports three wireless broadband technologies – WiBro, 3G and Wi-Fi – to allow users to have access to the internet at cheaper prices. “The new phone will be a surprise,” said Lee Suk-chae, chief executive of KT, at a press conference announcing KT’s new ‘win-win’ strategy with partner companies in mind. The 3G-WiBro-Wi-Fi compatible handset will enable users to gain access to the internet at affordable rates as they will be able to use WiBro or Wi-Fi in service areas. Users outside WiBro or Wi-Fi service areas will be able to use 3G HSDPA networks for voice or data services. Noting that expensive data rates hamper the development of the country’s mobile data service, Lee said KT plans to offer new, competitive data pricing plans to encourage customers to use mobile internet. KT also plans to rent its networks to third-party companies who offer multimedia data services, seeing opportunities in the mobile data market as the voice market nears saturation. The move will offer a ‘win-win’ opportunity for KT and mobile data virtual network providers, KT said in a statement. The plan is part of an array of measures announced by the company to boost cooperation with its partner firms.