The rescuers. The lifesavers. The partners. The protectors. The detectives. Dogs have special powers, and Smithsonian Channel’s new series Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs shows how they’re put to incredible use through the profiles of canines who do everything from saving lives to helping us conquer our greatest fears. Narrated by renowned dog behaviour expert and best-selling author Victoria Stilwell, Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs premieres on June 30th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

In this five-part series, each episode brings viewers spectacular imagery and follows the ultra-talented, ultra-fluffy canine workers throughout their shifts as they showcase the “good boys!” and “good girls!” they are. Viewers will meet more than 25 dogs across the world – from Massachusetts to South Africa, the British countryside and Namibia – who are putting their lives on the line and noses to the pavement, all in pursuit of a good day’s work. 

In the premiere episode, THE RESCUERS:

  • George the Great Dane transforms the life of a 13-year-old Massachusetts girl with a life-limiting condition.
  • Rocket the search and rescue border collie-cross was once sitting on death row in an animal shelter but now he’s an integral member of the California Task Force searching for survivors when earthquakes, hurricanes or deadly mudslides strike.
  • Ruger the anti-poaching dog is on duty in Zambia detecting illegal ivory and smuggled wildlife in the fight against the poachers decimating Africa’s wild animals.
  • And, finally, Reef the Newfoundland teaches German Shepherd apprentice Diesel the skills she needs to become a water rescue dog in Italy’s Lake Garda.

These four-legged heroes are doing the work humans simply can’t. Whether it’s a team of canine detectives helping prevent an ecological disaster or hunting down hidden ivory illegally smuggled out of Africa, this five-part series reveals how dogs’ natural abilities are being harnessed in creative ways to improve lives, increase safety, and maintain the health of our planet. 

An Oxford Scientific Films co-production in association with Positively, Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs is based on an original idea by Victoria Stilwell who also served as a producer for Positively and series produced by Hayley Smith for Love Nature, a Blue Ant Media and Smithsonian Networks joint venture. Executive produced by Alison Barrat for Love Nature; Caroline Hawkins and Clare Birks for Oxford Scientific films and Tria Thalman and Alicia Green for Smithsonian Channel.