VIVE Network streamed the SUPERWOMEN: Claressa Shields vs. Marie Dicaire Super Welterweight Title Unification pay-per-view on its platform on 5 March. As soon as the World Boxing Council asked VIVE Network to participate, VIVE knew that it was just the opportunity to call the professionals: Zixi and Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler. Conversations amongst the companies about a collaboration had been brewing for months during the global live event hiatus. They had been patiently waiting for VIVE to present something everyone could get excited about, a challenge even in the best of times.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes of live event broadcasts, and when viewers are paying to watch one of the most historically significant fights in professional boxing history, there are zero margins for error. VIVE trusts that Zixi and Tata Communications are a winning combination and the only ones to make this happen.

The Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) has been selected for content distribution, which will start with the acquisition of the fight signals via satellite to be downlinked and handed off to Zixi software hosted on the Tata Communications media cloud*. The content will then be sent to a local VIVE production studio where graphics and branding will be applied before being pushed back to the Tata Communications media cloud via the market-leading Zixi protocol where multiple renditions are created and packaged as HLS and DASH for OTT consumption on iOS, Android, FireTV, AppleTV. Used for live video delivery, Zixi is resilient congestion and network-aware protocol that adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented, dynamic Forward Error Correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP with 99.9999% uptime at minimal latency. It provides best-in-class security with DTLS and AES encryption, allows for protected multicast transport as well as providing extraordinary bandwidth efficiency. To efficiently orchestrate and manage the deployment VIVE is leveraging Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane. ZEN Master allows for the monitoring of complex streaming deployments at scale, and the configuration and orchestration of live broadcast channels across protocols and the Zixi Enabled Network of hundreds of integrated offerings, as well as control of the edge, network, and cloud with full telemetry visualization of network streams.

Tata Communications fully managed Video Connect + service ensures reliable delivery of compressed video over the public internet, significantly optimizing the reach and cost of a terrestrial broadcasting solution. This along with Tata Communications CDN services delivers superior digital experiences to customers by rendering content at lightning-fast speeds.