BBC Sites (consisting of all BBC sites visited by APAC audience) have been named the #1 international news website in APAC for the fourth straight quarter in 2020, posting a substantial year-on-year organic growth of 41% in unique visitors in November 2020 across the region.

BBC Sites was also named the #1 international news website in Hong Kong seeing a 19% growth year-on-year in unique visitors in November.

Overall, the BBC saw more growth in APAC than anywhere else in the world with a significant increase of 48% unique visitors in 2020. However, it’s not just breaking news that saw success; BBC Features sites also saw a huge growth of 44% across the region – growing the fastest in India (+65%), Australia (+40%) and Singapore (+23%).

The largest growth against competitors for BBC News in APAC came in Japan – BBC Japan and BBC sites outpaced their competition with a 78% and 77% year-on-year growth in unique visitors respectively in November 2020.

Alistair McEwan, SVP Commercial Development, BBC Global News, APAC says: “The last 12 months was a standout year for global events across the world and in the APAC region, from Australian bushfires to a global pandemic and of course the US election. The fact that BBC News has experienced such significant growth demonstrates that audiences choose to invest their precious time with news they can trust. We are proud that BBC News continues to deliver this for our growing audiences through these defining events and times.”