Happy New Year! As we enter the New Year with Phase 3 regulations in motion, gather your friends and family (up to eight pax) to check out these four shows together on iQIYI!  

If K-Dramas are up your alley, catch She Would Never Know starring Korean idol Rowoon (known for Extraordinary You) and actress Won Jin-ah (known for Life) in a budding sunbae-hoobae (meaning senior-junior) romance story. Another sweet loving drama, Vacation of Love, stars China’s Angelina Jolie, Yao Chen, and actor Bai Yu (known for Memory Lost), who will literally take audiences through a holiday of romance. Get into a messy love triangle with Thai drama Romantic Blue, which stars handsome actors Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert (known for Until We Meet Again) and Singto Prachaya Ruangroj (known for SOTUS) as brothers who fall for the same woman played by Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom (known for Friend Zone). Not interested in romantic dramas? Catch My Best Friend’s Story, a drama starring Cecilia Liu (known for Scarlet Heart) and Ni Ni (known for Love and Destiny), which captivates the essence of female empowerment.

All four shows are available to watch on iQIYI app and iQ.com.

Romantic Blue

romantic blue iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: Streaming now, new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, exclusively on iQIYI

Synopsis: A story about a love triangle and the life of three young people. Romantic Blue stars Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert and Singto Prachaya Ruangroj as brothers, Mai and Mhen, who fall for the same woman, Pond, played by Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom. Witness how Mai and Mhen get entangled in illegal activities and get caught up in family drama in this enthralling series.

My Best Friend’s Story

my best friend's story iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: Streaming now, VIP members get 2 new episodes at 21:30 daily, non-members get 2 episodes at 24:00, all episodes will be released on 15 January, exclusively on iQIYI

Synopsis: A dramatic series about the friendship of two women who support one another through tough times. My Best Friend’s Story depicts the challenges that Jiang Nan Sun (Cecilia Liu) and Zhu Suo Suo (Ni Ni) face while entering the workforce. Watch on to find out how these two empowering women power through their hardships by supporting one another.

She Would Never Know

Release date: 18 January 2021, new episodes every Mon and Tue, 20:00, same time as Korea

Synopsis: She Would Never Know is a romantic drama starring Korean idol Rowoon as Chae Hyun-seung and actress Won Jin-ah as Yoon Song-ah – the drama captures their budding romance while working in a cosmetics company. Watch how Hyun-seung aegyos his way into Song-ah’s heart with his affection.

Vacation of Love

vacation of love iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: 25 January 2021 (TBC)

Synopsis: Vacation of Love takes place in an exotic holiday resort surrounded by beaches and breathtaking views, where an accidental love blossom between Hou Hao (Bai Yu) and Xu Keyi (Yao Chen), a damsel in distress who was let down by setbacks in her relationship and career. Watch sparks fly between actors Yao Chen and Bai Yu, as they will wow audiences with their on-screen chemistry. The series also stars actor-director Da Peng and award-winning actress Zhang Jing Chu.