Star Media Group, via its subsidiary SMG Entertainment Sdn Bhd, which operates the video-on-demand service Dimsum Entertainment, has entered into a multimedia cooperation effort with the China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC). Established in 1993, the CICC’s main objective is “helping the world to understand China, and helping China to understand the world.”

Since it was founded, CICC has collaborated with world-renowned media organizations such as National Geographic, Al-Jazeera, and BBC to co-produce high-quality documentaries centered around China. Over the course of the CICC’s partnerships with various international organizations, it has distributed hundreds of hours of Chinese-themed documentaries to over 200 regions around the world. At the same time, it has also introduced China’s residents to foreign cultural, technological, and economic developments.

During the virtual launch announcement, Star Media Group and Dimsum Entertainment’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lam Swee Kim, mentioned the collaboration: “With CICC, we look forward to embarking on a few initiatives, the first will include content sharing for broadcast in our respective countries and in the ASEAN region. Documentaries and short content on culture, technology, economic and social development will be part of the content mix which will appeal to the audiences.

“The second initiative will include possible co-production of culture, food, travel, and human interest content. It will also bring talents from different countries together to discuss ideas.”

Together with the CICC, Dimsum Entertainment will be launching the branded channel called USilk in January 2021. USilk will feature high-quality documentary series jointly produced by the CICC and 16 international media partners. These titles will provide valuable insight into the culture and cultural products of China’s hotspots, including Xinjiang, Guangdong, Jiangnan, and the famous Silk Road.

Here is a taste of what to expect from USilk: first up is a seven-episode miniseries that focuses on the importance of tofu to the Chinese people. Tofu Legends provides a uniquely Chinese perspective on “the meat of the fields” and the ancestral cooking methods which have turned tofu into a world-class delicacy. Tofu Legends also promotes healthy diets and simple lifestyle practiced by the Chinese nation since the days of old.

Courtesy of Star Media Group

Overwintering may be of particular interest to nature enthusiasts. The hour-long documentary follows the life of China’s native black-necked crane – the beauty of the birds matched only by the accompanying music and scenery in this masterpiece directed by Wei Xing.

Those interested in Chinese craftsmanship and culture may want to check out The Great Master Craftsmen III, a series revolving around the bonds between master craftsmen and their apprentices. Each episode records the heritage, skills, and philosophies of an artisan, and shows how the legacy of Chinese culture is passed on from generation to generation.

china mission sojourney
Courtesy of Star Media Group

Finally, look forward to some big names in the documentary In China: Mission SOJOURNey as domestic and international stars explore Chinese hospitality, tradition, and culture via specially arranged homestays. Unlike a traditional documentary, In China: Mission SOJOURNey provides a more casual and fun perspective on life in China – perfect for those who enjoy variety shows!

There will be a lot more documentaries lined up and handpicked to cater to the interests of Dimsum Entertainment’s audience. Viewers will also want to keep an eye out for USilk’s special Chinese New Year lineup, featuring titles such as A Bite of Guangdong, Flavours of Xinjiang, Chinese New Year, and Tofu Legends: Origins, a prequel to the aforementioned Tofu Legends series.

Now, you can enjoy USilk’s high-quality content for free on Dimsum Entertainment!