CYPHER, filmed in Los Angeles, debuts on Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom’s video-on-demand platform this month, about an elite FBI code breaker who unlocks a covert hit list and becomes a target himself as he tries to prevent the shadowy killings from happening.

INTERFACE, also to appear on the Chunghwa Telecom VOD platform, will start shooting in Q2 2021 in Taiwan and Australia and is a partnership with Australia’s highest-rated, free-to-air broadcaster, Channel 9, about a secret eSports competition for gifted hackers, exploiting new mind-controlling, military methods.

Organic Media Group (OMG) founder, Taipei resident and Hollywood producer, Steve Chicorel, has been commuting to Los Angeles for 13 years – until now. Back for the holidays last year Chicorel, like so many other regular international travelers, has stayed in Taiwan due to COVID-19. But instead of just working from home, Chicorel is bringing Hollywood to his expat home town of Taipei.

In addition to his Exec Producing of CYPHER and INTERFACE, OMG starts two back-to-back TV movies shooting next month in Taipei.