TIFFCOM-the Marketplace for film and TV in Asia- is the leading content market affiliated with the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). TOKYO Gap-Financing Market ”TGFM” is our brand new event to be held from 4 to 6 November TIFFCOM.

For the first edition and in spite of the peculiar worldwide situation, we received 87 applications from 36 countries and regions. As submission requirements, the project had to secure 60% of the total budget (50% for TV series projects) and to include Asian element(s).

The 20 selected projects will have three-day one-to-one online meetings with TGFM’s invited investors, producers, sales agents, funds, post-production companies to complete their projects.

■20 Selected Projects

We selected 14 feature-length projects (10 fictions, 4 animations), 6 TV series projects (3 fictions, 3 animations) from 14 countries and regions. Female producers are involved in 11 projects. The total budget volume zone is around $3,020,000, with an average of 66% of their financing secured.

5 projects are coming from Japan, including Toei Animation’s The Lost Titan (TBD) in collaboration with John A. Davis (the director of Jimmy Neutron series). A wide range of international projects such as ” Vengeance is mine, all others pay cash” by Edwin (the director of the first Indonesian film selected in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival), 24 to be directed by a popular Singaporean director Royston Tan, and My Sunny Maad by Czech director Michaela Pavlátová (the winner of Golden Bear for Best Film) and others.

Selected titles (Title, Countries and Regions, Director and Production Company)

・Feature-length fictions

  1. 24 (SINGAPORE, THAILAND) by Royston Tan, Chuan Pictures
  2. A Year of Cold (Nepal, France, Hong Kong, Norway, Turkey, Singapore) by Min Bahadur Bham, Shooney Films
  3. ABOKKE (JAPAN) BY Yohei Suzuki, Trixta
  4. DOGMAN (Argentina, Peru) by Tamae Garateguy, Tedigoque Productions
  5. Passion of Shangri-La (Singapore, Malaysia) by Boi Kwong, J Team Productions Pte. Ltd. MM2 Entertainment Pte. Ltd.
  6. Performing Kaoru’s Funeral (Japan) by Noriko Yuasa, Pkfp Partners
  7. Project Ommi (Bangladesh, UK) by Amit Ashraf, Kazi House Productions
  8. TO BE ANNOUNCED, Toei Animation Co. Ltd.
  9. Training Hoffman (Mexico, Japan, Guatemala) by Rafael Tres, Codice Cinema
  10. Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash (Indonesia, Singapore) by Edwin Palari Films

・Feature-length animations

11. CLONE HUNTER (US, CHINA) by Toru Tokikawa, Rivertime Entertainment Inc.
12. MY SUNNY MAAD (FRANCE, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA) by Michaela Pavlátová, Sacrebleu Productions(Paris)
13. THE CANTERVILLE GHOST (UK, SINGAPORE, INDIA) by Kim Burdon, Toonz Media Group 14.THE LOST TITAN (working title) (JAPAN, US, CHINA) by John A. Davis, Toei Animation Co, Ltd.

・TV series fictions

15. AGENT FROM THE ABOVE (TAIWAN) by Chun Yu Lai, Goodfilms Workshop
16. DRAGON OF DESTRUCTION (HONG KONG) by Wong Kwok Keung, MM2 Studios Hong Kong Limited

17. HANAYOME NOREN SEASON5 (JAPAN) by Rokuro Sugimura, Telepack Co., Ltd.・TV series Animations

18.SILENT HORROR: THE ANIMATION SERIES (SINGAPORE) by Jay Hong, Vividthree Productions Pte. Ltd.

19.TIN’S FIREBOTS (RUSSIA) by Andrey Korenkov, Wizart Animation
20.TITUTA (INDIA, SPAIN, IRELAND) by Indranarayan Datta, Toonz Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

It is always a big challenge to create a new co-production market as more than 150 are existing throughout the world. Being different is one thing but offering an unavoidable and missing financial opportunity to producers is what drove us to organize this first edition of the TOKYO GAP-FINANCING MARKET. The current Asian co-production markets are focusing on development but we do know that most of the time, trying to find the last 40% of the financing is as difficult as finding the first ones.

That’s why, the TGFM is proposing long features and TV series, fiction and animation, the unique opportunity to meet financiers, producers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters, streaming platforms and post-production companies during exclusive one-to-one meetings.
Needless to say that 2020 is a very peculiar year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions, and we stand in support with everyone who has been personally affected. We have never thought about canceling this first edition.
On the contrary, as our industry belongs to the ones which have been deeply touched, we want to support the restart of cinema and television. In order to assure the safety of everyone, the TGFM will run it online from November 4 to November 6, 2020.
The TOKYO GAP-FINANCING MARKET is thus proposing a selection of 20 Fiction and Animation Films and TV projects with Asian elements. We are proud to welcome projects coming from Singapore, Nepal, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, UK, USA, France, India, Russia, Taiwan and of course Japan. All our team is looking forward to e-meeting you soon and being safe.