Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE), operator of the largest bouquet of pan-Asian channels dedicated to Asian entertainment, announced its first Thrill original production, Model Family, in collaboration with famous Malaysian director Adrian Teh of PASKAL. The two-part suspense-thriller series will premiere worldwide and exclusively on Thrill, Asia’s first regional horror, thriller, and suspense movie channel, on Halloween, 31 October (Part 1) and 7 November (Part 2) at 21:00 HKT.

“We are very thrilled and honoured to be working with Adrian Teh on this first original series for Thrill, and hope that it is the start of many more collaborations to come,” said Ofanny Choi, President of Celestial Tiger Entertainment. “Model Family is an ambitious project by Adrian and his team of talented cast and crew, as the story pushes many boundaries in depicting the deep-seated emotions and dark impulses in human beings. As we continue to lead the way in entertaining our horror fans across Asia with cutting edge, quality content, we believe the series will resonate well with our viewers.”

“This is our first production after the COVID-19 lockdown.  A lot of thoughts and effort went into developing the plot and telling the story, with last-minute changes done to the script right up to filming, so as to ensure we deliver the most impactful sense of fear and suspense to the audience,” said Adrian Teh. “We also took the chance to be more daring in this production, be it in the overall approach or in the casting, with some new faces alongside the experienced actors in Malaysia.”

“We are very happy to be partnering Thrill for Model Family, and given the regional reach of the channel, we hope the series will be enjoyed by more viewers across Asia,” added Teh.

Model Family is the director’s first suspense-thriller series that explores the underlying fear, anxiety, destructive urge, and jealousy that exist in humankind. The story revolves around a single-parent family (Yu Xiang and Tong Tong) moving into a new neighbourhood where everyone’s life seems perfect.  However, while things may look rosy on the outside, dark secrets and horror raid each family from the inside, and nothing really is as they seem. Viewers are led to uncover the truth behind the façade of each model family.

The series features many multi-talented stars from Malaysia, including Uriah See (singer-song writer-actor who won both the Astro Star Quest Chinese singing competition in Malaysia and TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong in 2014), Thor Yin Wei (singer-artiste), and Kendra Sow (actress-model).

The Director’s cut version of Model Family will also be available as a six-part series on Thrill’s selected partner streaming platforms in Asia following its TV premieres.