Vanessa Tiara Tay, from the English category and Yong Ke Xin from the Chinese category, were crowned as Asia Momentum Media’s (AMM) first-ever cross-country multi-talented star. Both winners made it through the thousands of submissions, 10 weeks of intense rounds of competition, and impressed the judging panel consisting of entertainment veterans like Jack Neo, Irene Ang, Tosh, Kumar, Michiyo Ho, and Amber Chia with their personality. 

The runner-ups from the English category included 1st runner up, Delvina See and 2nd runner up, Enriquo Garcia and for the Chinese category Shen Jia Yin as the 1st runner up and Wang Mei Wen from Malaysia as the 2nd runner-up.

Organised by Jack Neo, CEO of AMM, the virtual talent search Show off Show (coined 马过 in Mandarin), the competition reached over 7 million people and garnered over 3 million views. Held for both English and Mandarin-speaking individuals across Singapore and Malaysia, the competition had over 1,500 participants, with the youngest being 7 years old. The contestants exceeded the judge’s expectations and they had to increase the number of finalists from the initial 8 to 12, allowing more contestants to showcase their talents during the finals.

Vanessa Tiara Tay. Courtesy of Asia Momentum Media.

From auditions to finals, contestants not only had to impress the judges but also had to win the hearts of the audiences to gain votes to advance to the next level. The search tested the contestants in areas such as singing, acting, dancing, hosting, and live streaming, and they were given the opportunity to learn and improve their skills from digital and entertainment veterans Jack Neo, and Andie Chen.

Yong Ke Xin. Courtesy of Asia Momentum Media.

Show off Show was Jack Neo’s first major project since he was named CEO of AMM. His vision is to discover, groom, and provide a platform for individuals to showcase their talent beyond Singapore and across the region.

“It was a tough decision to pick a winner as the finalist really gave it their all and impressed us with what they had to offer. However, both Vanessa and Ke Xin’s performances stood out and their personality won us over. On behalf of all my fellow judges, I would like to congratulate Vanessa and Ke Xin on their outstanding performance over the past 10 weeks. We look forward to following each of them as they continue their respective journeys as well as working with them closely on upcoming projects within the platform. Some of the plans before they hit the big screens will be to further sharper their unique skills,  performance and personality. But there are a lot of plans set aside for them to be part of our upcoming local productions, such as talk shows, game shows, live performance, and many more,” Jack Neo stated.

Besides an AMM contract, Vanessa Tiara Tay and Yong Ke Xin both won a cash prize of SGD20,000 (RM60,000) and prizes worth SGD 23,000 (RM70,000). First and second runner-ups took home a cash prize of SGD 10,000 (RM 30,000) and SGD 5,000 (RM15,000), respectively. Consolation prizes of SGD 1,000 (RM 3,000) were also given out to five winners and SGD500 (RM1,500) were given out to four winners for their outstanding performance.

All Show off Show episodes will be streamed on the AMM app, an entertainment app that was launched in conjunction with the talent search. The app brings back 25 years of precious memories of the comedy nights as well as all the exciting content across the region. Viewers can expect a wide spectrum of regional content such as ATV classics, dramas, variety shows, infotainment, short movies, and daily live entertainment shows.