With the preparations for the upcoming 25th Asian Television Awards (ATA) in full swing, Television Asia Plus talked to the Managing Director of Thailand’s Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd., (BBTV) Mrs. Yaowalak Poolthong, Ph.D. 

BBTV, which is one of the official broadcaster partners for the 25th Asian Television Awards, has been a longtime partner of the ATA to bring high-quality entertainment content to Thai homes. 

In the last three years, engagement and online viewership of the ATA had risen considerably, especially in 2018, when viewership increased by 60 percent compared to 2017. Mrs. Poolthong attributed the success to an increase of Thai talents participating and being nominated at the event, as well as international celebrities that engaged the audiences’ attention. 

The live broadcast of the ATA was also well-received in Thailand. Mrs. Poolthong shared that the ATA highlighted the impressive strength and quality of the Thai entertainment industry, making it a competitive one in the international awards arena. The managing director added: “It sparked discussion and awareness not only within the industry but also broadly among Thai viewers.” 

Speaking on the current content trend in Thailand, Mrs. Poolthong revealed that Thai viewers have various interests for dramas, variety shows, and news programs. They are also open to new content from both Western and Asian countries. She said, “Amid the changing viewing behaviour and thanks to the emergence of new platforms, local content is still strong. In this dynamic environment, we are pushing creative boundaries and exploring new topics to bring new and exciting content to serve the viewers.” 

Since BBTV’s goal is to bring quality content to its audience, BBTV takes pride in broadcasting prestigious awards shows both from Thailand and the United States. With ATA in the mix, Mrs. Poolthong said that it had brought a refreshing element of international standard and cultural proximity to many television screens across Thailand. 

“We are proud to be part of the prestigious awards events of ATA. The event has delivered not only a great experience of celebrating the creative works of the Asian entertainment industry but also the recognition of Asian talents to our viewers,” Mrs. Poolthong said.