The best way to understand and respect the world around us is to put yourself right in the path of Mother Nature. While that journey may not be possible right now, you can become a virtual traveller and discover the world from your couch through the lens of Discovery Channel’s new Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle adventure series that premiered on 2 June 2020 in APAC.

Join adventurer Ryan Pyle as he spends months exploring the best adventure trekking destinations in Asia. Remote, rugged, and rewarding – his human-powered adventures are always inspiring as he proves that anyone can get out and explore the great unknown. Expedition Asia is a modern television series that is focused equally on adventure, exploration, and cultural education.

Shot in stunning 4K, the show sees Ryan trekking on foot to unveil some of the greatest overland journeys that the region has to offer. In the series, Ryan pays a special visit to the MacLehose Trail, voted as one of 20 ‘dream trails’ around the world. Starting from the coastline of the Sai Kung Peninsula, Ryan hikes into dense forests before reaching the towering Lion Rock. Viewers get to see the diverse terrains and discover this hidden part of Hong Kong that is unknown to even frequent visitors.

HONG KONG – The MacLehose Trail

Hong Kong, the beautiful and glittering Pearl of the Orient, is a global financial centre that has always attracted tourists from all over the world to indulge in its entertainment and food. Amazing cultural experiences are tucked away in every corner of the city. Little do people know that the countryside of this mega city turns out to be an excellent place for adventure! The urban part of Hong Kong occupies a surprisingly small amount of land, as a whopping 70% of it is nature, covered with hills and various types of terrain. You can step into the city’s backyard when the spirit moves you and enjoy the natural beauty without having to travel far.

The MacLehose Trail is adventurer and explorer Ryan Pyle’s chosen hike in Hong Kong. It takes only half an hour by taxi from the heart of Hong Kong to reach the starting point. As long as you follow the eye-catching road signs, you will be traversing 100 kilometers across the Kowloon Peninsula in no time! The Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon, one of the most existing events in Hong Kong’s countryside, takes place here. Follow the footsteps of Ryan, and you get to see the picturesque Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark along the MacLehose Trail that hosts a rich and diverse geological feature, as well as the densely forested hills along the coastline of the Sai Kung Peninsula, which is astonishingly untouched. You will also experience the tranquility of a coastal paradise that is Ham Tin Beach, from which a slight detour takes you to Sharp’s Peak, one of the most magnificent peaks in Hong Kong. Eroded by rain and forming many ravines, the summit has a small section of steep rock that requires both hands and feet to climb!

Aside from Hong Kong, Ryan scales some of Asia’s toughest terrains, including those in Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, while getting to know the locals and connecting with nature.