TAG Video Systems is reassuring broadcasters, during this time of heightened news and media consumption, that global operations are uninterrupted, and in fact strengthened by the Company’s Zer0 Friction business strategy – an industry first. In the Asia Pacific region TAG Video Systems is represented by Magna Systems & Engineering.

Zer0 Friction takes broadcast technology to the next level; leveraging TAG’s unique ability to handle both compressed and uncompressed formats. Supporting all major industry standards such as SMPTE 2110, 2022- 6/7, JPEG 2000, MPEG TS, DASH, HLS and CMAF, TAG’s solution can be applied to all four major broadcast applications: live production, playout, delivery and OTT. Zer0 Friction allows clients the operational agility to manage the software across applications and locations, thus maximising asset utilisation.

Since its founding 12 years ago, TAG has been 100% SW, 100% IP, 100% COTS and it has been TAG’s philosophy to provide clients a zero-commitment trial of the TAG system to ensure 100% satisfaction.