Airing to stellar ratings in Japan, NipponTelevision Network Corporation (Nippon TV), Japan’s leading multi-platform entertainment powerhouse, announced that the company has just started offering format rights to its new game show Mute it! (30min to 120min eps.) which just recently aired during prime time on Nippon TV. The family-friendly studio-based game show with a unique twist was created for and produced by Nippon TV in Japan with the worldwide format rights available.

In Mute it!, contestants play four stages of games in the Hall of Silence, a custom-built giant studio with difficult challenges for the players to accomplish, yet at the same time, filled with sound traps all around. There is only one rule: don’t make any sounds. If contestants make any sounds above 50dB, the Sound Watchman, purveyor of the Hall of Silence, suddenly shows up to take the contestant away. For players who succeed in the first three stages, the final stage awaits. The question is will the players be able to withstand the challenges and overcome the difficult missions without making a single sound, to gain the big prize money at the end.