MyDoc’s fully integrated online-to-offline platform streamlines all aspects of primary healthcare into one easy-to-use solution connecting patients to doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, clinical-grade health trackers, Fortune 500 and SME employers, and insurers. First Medicine Corporation is an online healthcare teleconsultation service designed to support people as they deal with the questions and challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic among other health concerns.  Its founders represent early leaders in the field of telemedicine and were responsible for the growth of NightHawk Radiology, one of the first major telemedicine IPOs in the healthcare industry.

UST Global is a technology partner dedicated to transforming businesses, communities, and the people who live within them. Operating in 25 countries, we deliver future-ready digital transformation strategy services, products, and platforms that create new possibilities and help you imagine what’s next in banking and finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, semiconductor, technology and media. But what matters most is the deep partnership we forge with you to solve the unique challenges you face today, while preparing you for tomorrow.