A+E Networks® International announced it had greatly increased its presence in Belgium via a deal with DPG Media, the biggest media company in the country. DPG picked up all English-speaking seasons of Seven Year Switch, Marrying Millions, and Bride & Prejudice to air on its Vitaya channel, as well as all five TV movies including the adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ Casteel Family series, marking A+E’s biggest deal with DPG to date.

The DPG partnership follows the substantial success of the first seasons of both the US and Australian iterations ofBride & Prejudice with Vitaya’s viewers, as well as the success of V.C. Andrews’ four-film Flowers in the Attic series which was earlier picked up by the company, and speaks to the global appeal of A+E Networks’ catalog of factual and scripted relationship IP. A+E’s domestic channel Lifetime has been building upon the space greatly, with over 650 hours of factual relationship programming now available in A+E Networks International’s catalog, and an additional V.C. Andrews five-movie event, the Landry Family series, currently in production.”

“We are incredibly proud that Vitaya’s viewers have responded so positively to our TV film series as well as Bride & Prejudice, allowing us to continue to strengthen our relationship with a world-class media giant and increase our presence in Belgium,” said Sarah Hussain, Manager of International Content Sales. “We look forward to continued success sharing internationally relevant and quality content with DPG Media and Vitaya for years to come.”

In Bride & Prejudice, unconventional couples on their way to the altar face staunch criticism from loved ones who refuse to give their blessing and set aside personal prejudices about differences in race, religion, class, or sexuality. With wedding plans well in the works, couples, and their futures are on the line. Which couples love will be enough to outweigh the opposition? Which will crack under the pressure? Whose family and friends will show up? And of those that do, will they voice their disapproval or forever hold their peace?

Marrying Millions is an organic relationship-docu-format that follows couples, where half of each couple has extreme wealth, and the other definitively does not. Before the couples can fully commit to each other, they must immerse themselves in each other’s worlds. Whether it’s shopping sprees on their partner’s card, fancy parties, or trips to humble hometowns, the couples have to try and survive the pressure of their two worlds colliding. While there will be plenty of galas and mansions, it won’t all be champagne and caviar. They must survive the onslaught of their lover’s friends and family who think they’re just in it for the money. As the tensions heighten within the relationships, couples and viewers alike must ask: IS THIS TRUE LOVE? or is it all about THE MONEY?

Seven years marks a defining point in many relationships when couples find themselves restless, dissatisfied, and curious about what life would be like with someone else. Seven Year Switch lets them find out. For two whole weeks, couples swap partners to see what life is like living with a complete stranger who seems to have all the qualities these individuals think they are missing in their current relationships. Will this ultimate experiment in “switch therapy” provide new appreciation for the love they have or entice them to call it quits.”