Rivit TV is now live and for the first time ever, audiences from around the world can ‘”Choose the TV That Gets Made.” Full pilots of our original teen drama series Coyote Hills, the Spanish language drama La Leona, and the melodrama Fabric of Liesare live now on www.RivitTV.com and audiences are already pledging for their favorite show and getting the other two in the bundle for free!

Rivit TV established its streaming platform to allow passionate audiences to “Choose the TV That Gets Made.” It brings audiences and creators together to produce great, commercial-free, original episodic television that is available on RivitTV.com and will be coming to all major OTT platforms in 2020.  Not a subscription service, at Rivit TV, fans only pay for the shows that they love and want to see made.

Rivit TV was co-founded by CEO Wade Bradley and Adam Shaw and completed its patent pending technology platform and beta test in 2018.  The test successfully distributed content globally and provided invaluable insights and discoveries that enabled the entire Rivit TV team to evolve and improve nearly every aspect of our unique audience service and show creator opportunity.