Leading UK-based distributor DCD Rights has pre-sold its brand new factual entertainment series Disasters Engineered, a.k.a. Deadly Engineering, to Discovery in the UK & Eire – who premiere the series this month – and to DR in Denmark and ahead of NATPE Miami.  The 10 x 60’ series is produced bySWR Media, Intermission Film and DCD Rights in association with Dash Pictures for Discovery UK.  Another new title from DCD Rights, 10 x 30’ Australian Outback series Aussie Bull Catchers, produced by Ronde Media, has been picked up by Viasat World for Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and CIS.

Myriad engineering revolutions have transformed our world and changed every detail of our lives. However, for every future built, there are man-made mistakes that cause catastrophic disasters. Icarus-like moments when our overreaching, greed and desire to conquer the impossible don’t just cost reputations, but millions of dollars, environmental damage and lives. Chernobyl, Bhopal, Challenger and The Hindenburg are names not remembered for the great feats of engineering they initially were, but for the horrors that they became. Through extensive archive and expert interviews Disasters Engineered explores the stories behind mankind’s greatest engineering disasters. How and why they happened and what we have learnt from them.


Every year, during Australia’s dry season, a handful of brave men and women make a living catching feral bulls and buffalo. Aussie Bull Catchers (10 x 30’) reveals one of the most dangerous jobs on earth, it’s high-risk, high-reward work, with a hell of a lot of deal-making. It all starts in the air, as the bull-catchers fly choppers over the Outback searching for feral bulls and buffalo. Then a deal is struck with the landowner: in exchange for access to land, bull catchers share the profits they make from selling the bulls in the cattle market. This is a place like nowhere else on earth, and welcomes you to a world you’ve never seen before – the world of Australia’s Outback Bull Catchers.  Produced by Ronde Media for ABC Australia.

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