Media Ranch, Founder, President and Executive Producer, Sophie Ferron, announced the 8 chosen candidates (5 women, 3 men) who applied and earned a chance to participate in Horsepower 2.0 the French-Canadian Format incubation project. Over 80 applications were received by Media Ranch and Quebecor Content, who formed a partnership for the initiative.


The incubation process will begin in January with six months of intense workshopping with the goal to create eight fresh formats for broadcast and distribution. Media Ranch’s Phil Kalin-Hajdu, Media Ranch’s Head of Content & Storytelling will provide mentorship support for the project with input from the company’s Amsterdam-based SVP, Tanja van der Goes, and Ferron. Top Format producers from the industry will provide additional mentorship. The winning Format will receive funding from Quebecor Content to develop their Format for broadcast and Media Ranch will manage production and global distribution. Formats created by remaining candidates may also be developed and distributed.