Kalahari, Land Of Secret Alliances


Directed by Pierre Stine, produced by ZED in collaboration with award-winning Patrick Morris (former BBC) this film reveals that in the animal kingdom, collaboration and generosity often offer more benefits than confiscation and domination. Faced with more and more harsh conditions, cooperation seems to be a more winning strategy than the law of the strongest. A fact that has awaken scientists’ interest, who see in this discovery a new fundamental principle of the evolution. This event project in 4K, including a 90’ film designed for the France 2 prime-time, a 52’ Science-of and a 2×52’ mini-series, is scheduled for Summer 2021.


Wild Treasures Of China


ZED is also launching Wild Treasures of China, an ambitious 5-part series to follow iconic species that slowly inhabit these untamed wildernesses again: The Amur tiger, the Chiru (Tibetan antelope) or the moon bear. Coproduced with CCTV9, and thanks to exceptional shooting authorizations, the series will unveil inaccessible wild areas, rarely open to foreigners shooting teams before. After 3 years of shooting, the first episode (The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard) will be delivered next January 2020. Shot in 4K and directed by Frédéric Larrey, this film has already been pre-sold to France Télévisions, CCTV9, The Smithsonian Channel, National Geographic Wild and NDR.