HBO Asia’s newest Asia Original, Invisible Stories shines light into dark corners and tells untold stories from the heartlands in a fictional neighbourhood housing estate in multi-cultural Singapore. Filmed entirely on location in Singapore, the six-episode half-hour drama series premieres 5 January at 10pm on HBO GO and HBO.

Each episode follows one resident as he or she navigates through everyday life and its challenges. These stories include the ups and downs of a mother and her autistic son; a taxi driver by day and a spiritual medium by night; and a banker who is a father and husband who harbours a secret that comes to life late at night.

Invisible Stories also showcases Singapore’s inclusive multi-cultural identity with a regional cast from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. Golden Horse Award winner Yeo Yann Yann (Wet Season and ILO ILO) and Taiwanese newcomer Devin Pan appear in the first episode. Veteran Singapore actor Wang Yu Qing (Hello From The Other Side and Reach For The Skies) plays the taxi driver in the second episode.