Talpa’s newest reality show Home Alone launched in the Netherlands yesterday on SBS6 and kicked off with an 11.2% market share in the key demo (20-54), outperforming the slot average by +103.6%.
In each episode of Home Alone, several kids are challenged to live on their own in a guest house for an entire weekend while their parents are just next door, watching and commenting on their child’s every move. The show gives a fascinating look into the minds of the youngest members of our society and engages the audience through dilemmas, temptations and unexpected problems in the house.
The children are confronted with tasks like shopping, team challenges as preparing a party for a guest, and dilemmas such as deciding who sleeps where. In the end, families are reunited and the parents have to determine if their kid is worthy of a reward. How will these kids behave without their parents?