The brand new martial arts HBO Asia original film, Master Of The Nine Dragon Fist: Wong Ching-Ho, will premiere Wednesday 4 September at 8pm on HBO GO and HBO.  

Co-produced with China Movie Channel (CMC), MASTER OF THE NINE DRAGON FIST: WONG CHING-HO is the fourth instalment of the Chinese language martial arts anthology film series following previous three instalments that first premiered in 2016.


Directed by Si Xiao Dong 《司小冬》(Detective, State Mission) and starring Shi Junzhe 《施骏喆》 (Tycoon), as the title lead Wong Ching-Ho, China’s National Martial Arts Champion Fan Weipeng 《樊伟鹏》 as Mun Sing and Yin Ran《印然》(The Next Magic) as Ching-Ho’s wife. Shot in Mandarin in Xiangshan, China, the movie will be dubbed in English with local language subtitles when it premieres on HBO.


Set in the early 19th century, Britain encouraged Chinese opium use to turn around the trade deficit with China. In Canton, Wong Ching-ho, the head of a Guangzhou martial arts alliance decided to take action and burnt down an opium warehouse. Local officials turned a blind eye, in fear of causing a public riot. Mun Sing, a Kung Fu master from out of town, is recruited by the opium suppliers to challenge the local martial arts houses. Eventually Wong Ching-ho developed the “Nine Dragon Fist” and defeated Mun Sing. Wong Ching-ho became a hero and helped locals build rehabilitation facilities in Guangzhou.