CPC Productions is known in the industry as a company that has the ability to cover all broadcast requirements. They have the ability to offer multi-camera setups for image magnification through to broadcast and provide video, audio and communications via their state of the art OB truck. Recently they had a requirement for new lenses to be installed in the truck and for that they chose FUJINON.


CPC Productions’ Senior Engineer and Designer Owen Forsyth explained, “We are an audio, lighting and video production company offering clients complete solutions. As part of that we have always owned camera equipment and have always used FUJINON lenses due to their quality and reliability. A while ago when were asked to supply the Billy Graham Evangelical Association with a complete 4K/UHD video solution for their Australian tour, we started the process of designing and building our own custom-made OB truck. In terms of lenses our big requirements were quality of picture, value for money and aftersales support.  We also needed the lenses to be able to handle life on the road as part of the OB setup. FUJIFILM Australia and their FUJINON lenses simply stood head and shoulders above the competition.”