Scalable from simple to complex configurations, the Vision platform is rich with compliance tools and modules, such as the As-Run option that enables operators to visually correlate compliance events and anomalies against an imported program schedule.


Deep analysis of the full user experience can be achieved with Qligent’s award-winning Vision Analytics. Qligent Vision Analytics is an open platform that leverages IoT, Big Data, ML, and AI to address three main problems for online delivery: user engagement, silentsufferers, and customer churn.


Vision Analytics is a great addition to any data-driven strategy that scale gradually to meet new needs and fill gaps. For example, users can start by monitoring the QoE of high-value media as it reaches viewers via multiple content distribution networks, including those owned and controlled by third parties. Vision Analytics can then be scaled to predict and prevent customer churn based on a host of contributing factors. A rich set of KPIs and KQIs arm system administrators with real-time performance and predictive insights to enableswift, corrective and preventative action.