Let us Illuminate you supports the findings of Lycored’s 149-person 2018 study, which uncovered how the LycodermTM tomato nutrient complex nourishes our bodies and skin with carotenoids. Within the personal and intimate video, subject’s reactions are captured as they view before and after photos of themselves for the first time from the participated study while taking LycodermTM.

While also supporting findings of its new skin health study, Let us Illuminate You also supports Lycored’s latest campaign, Cycle of Glow, focusing on three stages of holistic wellness: Nourish (pursuing holistic wellness through nutrition), Balance (supplementation), and Sustain (activities that have a positive impact on our well-being), which is an extension of its #rethinkbeautiful campaign. Together, they all support the company’s multi-layer educational initiative designed to spread the word on the role ingestible skincare plays in promoting beauty from within.