Leading independent production and distribution company APC, Danish production company Sweet Chili Entertainment and French production company Make It Happen Studio have secured a far-reaching deal with Orange Studio for their drama series Unpunished.


Orange Studio’s TV series department is a newly created entity from French telco Orange with the aim to co-develop and co-produce high-end content. The studio is boarding Unpunished. as a co-producer and primary commissioner as the show will air on Orange’s Pay TV service OCS in France.


Unpunished. is an ambitious new 8x 60’ television drama for a global audience on the topical phenomena of Artificial Intelligence and cyber warfare. It is a co-development between Nordic independent company Sweet Chili Entertainment, French independent Make it Happen Studio, and APC, which will also exploit global distribution rights in partnership with Orange Studio. The co-producers are already engaged in several advanced conversations with other potential financers in Europe and in the US with a view to complete financing and start production over the summer.