On International Women’s Day, Cartoon Network officially celebrates the birthday of The Powerpuff Girls in Asia with #Empowerpuff. The campaign is a movement that embraces empowerment and puts the spotlight on driven girls, young ladies and women who are Asia’s game changers.


Can you believe that it has been 20 years since super-cute/super-fierce trio first used their awesome powers to save the world before bedtime? Time flies as fast as these wide-eyed superheroes, and now Cartoon Network is celebrating the ultimate girl-power ambassadors in ways that would make even Princess Morbucks happy.


Over the next few months, Cartoon Network will premiere a series of short-form content on its social and digital platforms featuring trailblazers making a name for themselves. The series will include the likes of Singapore-based crochet artist Kelly Limerick and Instagram baking sensation Susanne Decochiffon, in addition to other influencers in the Philippines. Each woman will share their life-story and will partner with Cartoon Network to create bespoke experiences, content and products.