INNSBRUCK – JMA Wireless, global leader of wireless communications solutions, will be enabling mobile communications with its advanced in-building cellular connectivity solution at the unique cultural center Haus der Musik (House of Music), which will be opening its doors in Innsbruck, Austria in October 2018.


To ensure its visitors and staff will always be connected, the multi-carrier, multi-band TEKO DAS (distributed antenna system) platform from JMA Wireless has been deployed by system integrator, Iconec GmbH, in conjunction with MVNO, Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe (IKB).


“It is a pleasure to work with IKB, which shares our commitment to provide best-in-class reliable in-building coverage for public and private buildings,” stated Matthias Goltz, Managing Director at Iconec GmbH. “As a certified supplier by the Austrian operators, we know JMA Wireless will make this commitment a reality at Haus der Musik.”


Haus der Musik presented many challenges with its complex structure spanning seven levels, including two located underground. This new meeting place for music and theater artists, students and those interested in culture will include a total of nine cultural institutions and musical training centers all housed in one central location. The TEKO DAS will enable cellular coverage throughout while still maintaining the aesthetics of the facility.


For the first phase of this wireless system, JMA Wireless used the iBwave simulation tool to design an intelligent and aesthetically elegant system while ensuring smarter planning, streamlined designs and seamless deployment plans. The TEKO DAS will enable in-building wireless communications with one sector supported by four low power remote units (RUs).


Each RU is connected back to the master unit (MU) via a single optical fiber, which will transport five bands (800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600) and will provide support for three mobile operators. With its innovative capabilities, the cost-efficient TEKO DAS is up to 50 percent less expensive than competitive offerings.


“The equipment from JMA Wireless offers the technical ability to set up campus networks in a scalable manner,” said Thomas Stotter, Head of Telecommunications at Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe. “Plus, a project of this magnitude is now possible without high investment costs.”


The Haus der Musik will be one of the largest buildings in the state of Tyrol, but the multi-band, multi-carrier TEKO DAS is up to the challenge of ensuring powerful in-building cellular coverage.


“Wireless connectivity must be part of the architectural plans, similar to how plumbing and electricity are included when constructing a new building,” said Andrea Casini, Senior Vice President of International Business at JMA Wireless. “With the iBwave simulation tool, we produced a smart design that the TEKO DAS will deliver on while still maintaining the attractive environment of the Haus der Musik.”