CYBERJAYA – Animasia Studio, Malaysian award-winning animation studio, has announced multiple licensing deals with worldwide licensees using their “Chuck Chicken” brand in the recent Kre8tif! Conference in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. New partners include IndieCo Group, Kidz World, Foodie4U and Multi Capital Network.


Firstly, Animasia Studio has inked a partnership deal with Australia’s IndieCo Group’s “Koala Pop Korn” and “Easy Website in a Box” to be sold and distributed within the Australia region using “Chuck Chicken” characters. The healthy popcorn products have been widely distributed in Australia since June 2018, and “Easy Website in A Box”, a customisable website application targeting kids, will be available in the market coming November 2018.


“We are pleased to be collaborative strategic partners with Animasia Studio and the “Chuck Chicken” brand. The strength of the “Chuck Chicken” brand in Malaysia and other South East Asian Countries has provided the perfect partnership to both “Easy Website in a Box” and “Koala Pop Korn”,” said Nick Thompson, Managing Director of IndieCo Group.


“Bringing “Chuck Chicken” and “Easy Website in a Box” together makes perfect sense as both brands are passionate about providing youth and kids with the educational tools in a fun, creative way to use edutainment that engages their skill and development. Including “Koala Pop Korn” into this strengthens this dynamic by bringing healthy eating into schools and everyday life for kids in Australia. “Chuck Chicken” is the perfect ambassador to strengthen Malaysian and Australian opportunities for all three brands.”


Animasia Studio has also announced their partnership with Kidz World, a company based in Barcelona, Spain, to manufacture sugar confectionaries such as candies, lollypops, biscuits, cookies for sale and distribution within Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia (except China) using their “Chuck Chicken” and “Chuck Chicken Power Up” brands. The two years licensing deal will commence in January 2019 with product roll out  expected by March 2019.


“We believe that the partnership we are starting with Animasia is a great match as it is bringing into our business a fresh approach to the animation, licensing and digital platforms. Through the talented creative team and outstanding developments in the animation series, we are confident in our appeal to the young consumers,” said Francesc Cotoli, Managing Director of Kidz World.


Thirdly, Animasia Studio has also announced their partnership with Malaysian food manufacturer and distribution company, Foodie4U, to create snack food such as Crackers and Biscuits using “Chuck Chicken” and “Chuck Chicken Power Up” characters for sale and distribution within Malaysia. This licensing deal begins in July 2018 and will start shelving products in Malaysia in the first quarter of 2019, and with possibilities to extend the distribution to other SE Asia countries.


“It is an honour for us to be appointed as a OEM partner to develop the “Chuck Chicken” brand. It has succeeded well as a Malaysian cartoon TV brand overseas especially in China and other Asian countries, without us even knowing it. We are proud to be part of a big Malaysian brand. I see potential in this cartoon character with such a strong brand appeal and we will continue to develop more products from biscuits, candies, diaries to even noodles for this in the coming years,” said Paul Liew, Managing Director of Foodie4U.


Finally, Animasia Studio has signed a multi IP deal with Multi Capital Network, a theme park consultant to MCM Studio, to license “Chuck Chicken”, “Chuck Chicken Power Up” and “Harry & Bunnie” brands to appear as indoor attractions in an upcoming entertainment mall based in Johor, Malaysia.


“Chuck Chicken Power Up: Battle Adventure” and “Harry & Bunnie Magic Wonderland” will each have their own unique and distinct separate attractions within the 700,000 sqft indoor theme park, and the soft opening of the Capital 21 Entertainment Mall is targeted for September 2018.