PARIS/LOS ANGELES – Producer and distributor Prime Entertainment Group has just inked a new deal with major Polish channel Polsat for the acclaimed documentary The Prophecy of the Popes to be aired in September.


Saint Malachy, an obscure Irish archbishop from the 12th century, is said to have written a text called “The Prophecy of the Popes”, in which he foretold the end of the papacy, the destruction of Rome, and the Last Judgment.


Is it merely an apocalyptic vision, or another end-of-the-world tale like the one people have imagined seeing in the Mayan calendar? But for almost 900 years, the “Prophecy of the Popes” has proven its merits, seeming to have really predicted the future.


This documentary talks with numerous specialists, together with investigations in Rome – at the Vatican, the centre of church affairs and the centre of great secrecy, in order to test the prophecy against fact and proven events.


A good many other elements seem to confirm Saint Malachy’s predictions. In Rome, certain clues suggest that the end of the popes is nigh, as if the Vatican were willingly enabling the prophecy to come true – the documentary will explore if these are true or not.


Polsat is one of Poland’s biggest and most watched television channels in the territory with nearly 11.5% market share. It was founded on December 1992 and is part of the major Polish network Telewizja Polsat.


The network invests heavily in the development of thematic channels and currently counts 31 channels including Polsat, Polsat 1, Polsat 2, Polsat Sport, Polsat News, Polsat News HD, Polsat Play, Polsat Cafe, Polsat Film, Polsat Jim Jam, Polsat Crime & Investigation, Polsat Food, Polsat Viasat Explorer, Polsat Viasat History, Polsat Viasat Nature, Muzo TV, Disco Polo Music, Polsat Romans, TV6, TV4.


Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales of Prime Entertainment Group said: “We are truly glad to be working with Polsat again, as they have been great partners since 2014 when we first started working together with Polsat Café for our Cinema related series. Now they also come to us for top quality documentary programs. Poland is a very important territory for us and we are glad to see that our shows are working very well and to reinforce our presence in the region. “


The Polish channel has also previously acquired Prime’s major documentaries Benjamin Ferencz: the Nuremberg Prosecutor, Ensatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squads, Welcome on Board, Crazy About your Pets and Ultimate Countdown among others.


Prime’s programs have also been successful among other Polish channels such as TVN, HBO, National Geographic, AMC and more.