SÃO PAULO – While a six-time championship did not materialise for Brazil, the country’s passion for football resulted in excellent ratings for Globo during the recently concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.


The accumulative reach with 56 games, which were broadcasted live by the network on open TV in Brazil, exceeded 181 million people.


During the Cup, the average daily reach during the games was about 103 million people. In all of the games the Brazilian team played, Globo reached a share of more than 80%, meaning that eight out of every 10 households with TVs connected during the time of the matches were tuned into the station.


In social media, there were 2.4 million comments and almost 1 million interactions related to Globo’s coverage and transmission of the Cup, which sent 62 terms to Twitter’s World Trending Topics, and 150 terms to the Twitter’s Brazil Trending Topics. The 12 Facebook Live broadcasts produced during the Cup by Globo’s presenters in Russia reached over 11 million people with 3.8 million views.


The indexes reflect the quality of planning for both content and coverage, which embraced sports, journalism and entertainment. Results encompassed a diverse range of programming that went beyond the field, covering Russia, its history, behaviour, and emotion across the different TV programs.


The reach also increased sponsors’ visibility and engagement of the World Cup by Globo, at propitious times to advertise campaigns connected with the sport.


“During this World Cup, we united Brazilians around the national passion: football. It was unmatched coverage, amidst a challenge of gigantic geographic and cultural barriers. We have united generations and connected brands with the consumers, reaffirming the confidence in our delivery, aligned with Globo’s commitment to bring emotion across a variety of audiences. With all the investment we make in major sporting events, we believe in the strength of our content for new business opportunities, always in partnership with the market”, says Marcelo Duarte, General Director of Business at TV Globo.


With the joint work of broadcasting the World Cup parties on different platforms, Globo, SporTV, Globoesporte.com, Globo Play, SporTV Play and TV 4K, the average during the transmission of the matches was 25.5 million tuned Brazilians or connected by minute.


In addition to the 181 million Brazilians reached with the matches in Globo, were 18.8 million with the transmissions in the SporTV. About 8.7 million people visited Globoesporte.com daily. It was the Cup with the highest audience in the country.