PARIS – Producer and distributor Prime Entertainment Group has closed a major package deal with TV5 Monde for the Canadian territory. The package includes four documentary shows Extreme Stuntmen, Victims of Child Abuse, Palace Marrakech and Inside the Paris Cuba Flight, all of which will start airing through summer.


TV5 Quebec Canada was launched in 1988 and offers all around the Canadian territory programming from international French-speaking countries. TV5 is owned by the non-profit group Le Consortium de télévision Québec Canada and has a partnership with TV5 Monde, the second-most widely distributed network in the world reaching over 180 million households in over 200 countries.


The channel broadcasts a variety of French-language programming from Canada and around the world, including drama, sports, documentaries and information programming among a variety of other genres.


“We are truly glad to start working with TV5 Canada. Our presence in the territory has been growing stronger during the past few years and it is a great honor for us to have our high-quality documentaries airing in one of the most important French-speaking channels in the territory,” said David Freydt, Managing Director of Prime.


Prime Entertainment Group is successfully working with such Canadian channels as Discovery Canada, Hollywood Suite, Planète+, TFO, Société Radio Canada and Télé Quebec, among others.


Palace Marrakech (1×52’) takes viewers behind the closed doors of one of the most prestigious Riads in Marrakesh, where some of the most prominent personalities have stayed, including King Mohammed VI. This documentary discovers what makes the impeccable reputation of this Palace, and why it is known to give magical and unforgivable experiences of luxury and delight.

Featuring the beautiful and opulent rooms of the Palace, viewers also go on a journey with each member of its staff, including Head Concierge Mrs Touria El Rhachoui, Managing Director Mr. Messant and renowned three-star Michelin chef Yannick Alléno.


Extreme Stuntmen (1×52’) explores the extraordinary lives of those who risk their own lives daily to bring some of the most incredible performances in sports or in the acrobatic field. The show first follows the Dangalde family and their amazing show of demolition cars, “Truck Shows”.


Then, stuntman Simon and his group of “free runners” friends fly over the Parisian skies, jumping from one building to another in the city of lights. Also featured are Tiffany, the only woman specialised in extreme motor riding, and Geraldine, who jumps from the highest hills with only her wingsuit.


In Victims of Child Abuse (1×90’), this poignant and unique documentary sheds light on children that have been victims of abuse, mistreatment and neglect. It follows from up close, the work of the police brigades and social workers that protect these kids from common violence to irreparable damage. The show features such victims, and those who work by their side every day to grant them a better future.


Inside the Paris Cuba Flight (1×52’) goes behind the scenes of a long-haul flight from Paris to Cuba. This unique documentary follows the cargo as they prepare for the big day, with the stewards, pilots and flight attendants sharing their anecdotes and experiences. Behind the closed doors of the pilot cabin, it explores what it takes to run an international flight, even when the unexpected happens.