SYDNEY – Escapade Media has secured a deal with New Zealand’s TVNZ for the short form series 600 Bottles of Wine for OnDemand rights, premiering June 14.


600 Bottles of Wine is a comedy about a recently single woman who navigates new relationship territory where meaning is ambiguous and expectation is ambitious. Claire is flung back into the dating scene after breaking up with her long term boyfriend Nick. She is apprehensive about the rules, expectations and implications that she has to navigate as a newly single woman.


When Claire makes a genuine connection that goes beyond one- night-stand sex with advertising manager Pat, her queen pack help to establish where she stands in the relationship. As this non-committal non-relationship continues, Claire is forced to confront where she draws the line.


This award winning short form series won the ‘Outstanding Actor’ award in the 2018 LA Webfest for Grace Rouvray’s role as Claire. The multi-discipline creative team met as actors and comprises of Australian comedy creator, director and script editor Ainslie Clouston, writer and lead actress Grace Rouvray, and Bec Bignell, producer and co-founder of the new media production company Cockatoo Colab.


Director Ainslie Clouston said: “To me 600 Bottles of Wine interrogates the female ritual of retelling and dissecting stories and how it can alter your perspective of a situation or relationship, sometimes for the best and sometimes not. This comedy lives in its unapologetic points of view, utter authenticity of situations and its characteristic montages.”