CANNES – Rooftop Content Group, the Amsterdam based international distribution and production company announced that it has undergone a major rebrand and launched two new subsidiaries, Rooftop Film & TV and Rooftop Immersive Studio.  The Rooftop Content Group logo, website and visual identity have been refreshed to reflect the company’s evolving service and the new subsidiaries launched to focus on the opportunities and challenges faced in the fast-moving media landscape.


After several years of successfully distributing high-quality content for major “traditional media” clients and partners worldwide, all previous activities within Rooftop Content Group will move to Rooftop Film & TV, whilst Rooftop Immersive Studio will create, produce and distribute engaging VR, AR, XR and 360 video productions for international clients and partners.


Rooftop Immersive Studio is already in the final stages of negotiation with various mobile operators, cable providers and OTT channels, aggregating the best VR experiences.  Both subsidiaries will work hand in hand to deliver the best in Intellectual Properties.


In addition, Rooftop Content Group is thrilled to announce that they are co-producing the VR spectacle THE ARK EXPERIENCE, created by internationally acclaimed industry veterans Uri Schutzer, Shmuel Ben-Shalom and Avivit Rosinger, co-founders of The Ark Experience.


THE ARK EXPERIENCE offers a new way to experience storytelling while challenging participants’ behavior in live shows.  It extends the excitement of a live performance with the endless possibilities of Virtual Reality and as an immersive live entertainment platform that combines live performance and interactive technology to create a unique way of storytelling, THE ARK EXPERIENCE allows the audience to interact and influence the show in real time.


The platform is based on the participants’ decision process and way of thinking.  The audience will be faced with dilemmas throughout the show and are given the opportunity to shape a story of their own that will eventually impact the collective.  Each choice can unlock a different storyline and the same show will never been seen twice.