During Globo’s first event organized for the Portuguese trade, the company introduced some novelties in the brand and channels, as well as Globo’s addition to cable provider Meo.


Globo welcomed representatives from ad agencies, advertisers and providers in Lisbon, Portugal, to presente the restructured brand and TV channels in the country. Marked by the Brazilianness concept, the main rebranding theme, the event also included the announcement of Globo’s addition to Pay TV provider Meo.


Speaking to a packed room, Raphael Corrêa Netto announced the new brand positioning in Portugal: “[the rebranding] was born, and it has been carefully and rigorously thought out and discussed over the last few months, driven by our effort to interact with our Portuguese consumers through our communication channels, social media, relationship initiatives and surveys, which has led us to an additional proposal of two channels: Globo and Globo Now.”


In order to strengthen ties with Portugal – a crucial territory for the company –, a survey was conducted with Portuguese viewers to understand how they perceive the brand and which are the elements of identification. Brazilians’ captivating joy, their passionate and intense view of life, and the sweet and harmonic spoken language are some of the country’s most alluring characteristics among Portuguese audiences. Therefore, digging deeper into the concept of Brazilianness – which is a part of Globo’s essence – has become the guiding principle behind the network’s restructuring process in Portugal. “The brand embraces and lives by its Brazilianness. Our channels have presented additional proposals, but with two very strong elements at its core: the Brazilian way of life and Globo’s passion for telling stories”, said the executive director of Globo’s International Business area.


Ricardo Pereira, Globo’s director in Portugal, announced to the advertising market some of the novelties in the pipeline, including Globo’s addition to Meo. This makes Globo available in all Portuguese providers, reinforcing the network’s presence in the country’s audiovisual market, which means 100% coverage across Portuguese Pay TV – totaling 3.7 million households. “We began a rebranding process several months ago, restructuring the brand, the products, and both of our channels. Meanwhile, other leaders were closing a business deal – a partnership deal –, so we could announce that Globo will be added to the Meo package starting this Tuesday”, said Ricardo.


Globo has increasingly been ranked among Portuguese viewers’ favorite channel. In the first quarter of 2018, Globo recorded an 8% ratings upsurge compared to the same period in 2017. This is evidenced not only by the fact that Globo is featured among the most viewed Pay TV channels, but also due to the fact that its products lead the ranking of most viewed shows – particularly ‘Tempo de Amar’ (Time to Love, in a loose translation), ‘Rock Story’, ‘Young Hearts’, and ‘The Big Catch’. With a daily average time spent of 1 hour and 31 minutes, Globo has the highest ATS among all Pay TV channels. The channel reaches more than 1.5 million viewers every week.


Available in Portugal since 2012, Globo features exclusive telenovelas, superseries, series, and limited series, in addition to stories that swept different audiences around the world off their feet. Globo Now, previously known as Globo Premium, features a programming focused on news, sports, talk shows, and reality TV. Besides the changes in names, the rebranding process also brought a new signature for Globo and Globo Now: for the former, “Globo: Viva toda a emoção” (Globo: Live all the excitement, in a loose translation), an invitation for audiences to fall in love through drama play; and for the latter, “Globo Now: Viva todo o momento” (Globo Now: Live all the moment, in a loose translation), which brings a Brazilian outlook regarding the current scenario in the country and around the world.