The subscription based VOD streaming platform, Watcha Play will hold a promotion event with prizes including PlayStation®4 Pros.


The event will be held from April 30 to May 22 for Watcha Play members. Prizes include 10 PlayStation®4 Pros, 1 Sony Beam Projector, 2 Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones, 2 Sony Bluetooth Speakers, 150 movie ticket coupons, and 200 Americano gift coupons, totaling a value of approximately 10 million Korean won. This promotion event will be held in partnership with Sony Pictures Television.


To participate in the event, members need only to enjoy the films recommended by Watcha Play. Each week, 20 films from 3 themes will be recommended, totaling 60 films. The themes are “Destroy em All! Action Blockbusters,” “Recommended for Replay! Dramas for Life,” and “Heart-stopping! Classic Thrillers!