Digital disruption has strong influences on the media world, enforcing video streaming to be available anywhere across devices. Traditional broadcaster such as Hong Kong’s TVB has quickly redefined its conventional TV business model and reinvented itself as a brand new cross-media platform, embodying TV broadcasting, online TV and social media.

Controller of TVBI Company Limited, Mr. Sherman Lee says the broadcaster has redefined itself over the years to quickly manage the disruption and continue to strive for excellence, break through the restrictions, and actively produce more various film and television entertainment programmes to create more diversified business cooperation.

“Moving from old to new media is very realistic for the survival and we have to acknowledge the fact and transform ourselves for the future.  As an operator, we have a deep involvement with partners abroad. TVBI is the global distributing arm of TVB for rights of our programmes. And today, we are expanding our new media business as well. Our strategy is to introduce an OTT service abroad. This will eventually save satellite cost, transfer satellite pay-tv platform to OTT, introduce fibre which is more effective, robust and affordable. For the receiver, they don’t have to go to video store but purchase the TVB box to connect to all our services.”

“Hence, TVB Anywhere, our OTT service for global audience is now available through a box and mobile app, breaking through all limits and increasing the household penetration of all territories. What’s more, OTT service does not need any schedule and viewers can simply watch anything from everywhere. Research has proofed that rating has actually surged higher as more are watching our programmes on the go everywhere. This is the power of OTT; a strategy we plan to embark 5 years ago to tackle the digital disruption of today,” he added.

The operator did not stop here. They started to envisage the use of social media “big big channel” to leverage on its platform to gain a totally new audience with existing pool of TVB artistes. Social media provides flexibility, new business stream, new revenue stream and a whole lot of activities. But what will drive this platform? “Only content drives the viewers to this platform which in return, drives advertisers. Our content is driven by artistes and key opinion leaders (KOL).  The channel is backed by more than 600 local celebrities, singers and KOLs from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. These personalities would go on LIVE streaming sessions, bringing the hottest and latest information and exclusive behind-the-scenes anytime, anywhere while engaging almost instantly with their fans and followers, making it up-close and personal. Soon, there will even an e-commerce app to purchase merchandise seen in our programmes.

“The big big channel made its debut late last year and we already have 10 million registered users and followers globally with 3 million coming from Hong Kong. Our launch in Malaysia saw 13 thousand new users in a single day of the launch, while more than 5 thousand Singaporeans downloaded our app in a single day. This is the power of new media and you have to accept it. We still have the traditional business but we also provide convenience to customer by providing OTT service via our box and a social media platform as well,” said Sherman.