Since commencement of broadcasting over 50 years ago, TVB has established formidable presence in the Chinese TV industry. In recent years, TVB has been particularly innovative, redefining its conventional TV business model and reinventing itself as a brand new cross-media platform embodying TV broadcasting, online TV and social media. To present the brand new profile of TVB Group, TVB hosts “TVB 2018 Programme Parade cum Business Collaboration Press Conference” at FILMART 2018. An array of meticulously produced dramas and non-drama programmes ascends the exhibition stage. TVB has forged alliances with new partners, including Youku and TVBC in realizing Global Simulcast. While brand new Mandarin Jade commences broadcasting on TVB Anywhere, TVB Anywhere and its partner in Thailand, MVTV, are launching TVB Anywhere Thai Pack.

Dramas presented to audience and media are categorized into “Global Simulcast” and “Tentpole Drama”. Regarding Global Simulcast, TVB has won generous support of mainland partner – Youku – in delivering six dramas, namely, Succession War, Life On The Line, OMG, Your Honour, The Learning Curve Of A Warlord, The Ghetto-fabulous Lady and Fist Fight. Drama fans in mainland China, Hong Kong and all over the world can simultaneously enjoy the engaging scenes. Mr. Yang Weidong, Rotating President of Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group and President of Business Group Of Youku; Mr. Thomas Hui, Vice President & COO of CMC Holdings / Director of TVB; Mr. Peng Mingye, President of TVBC, and Mr. Felix To, Deputy General Manager (Programme & Production) of TVB, announced the “Global Simulcast” project. Turning to always engaging Tentpole Drama, TVB presents six of the dramas including Daddy Cool, Stealing Seconds, The Offliners, The Stunt, Our Unwinding Ethos, Justice Bao : The First Year.

During the proceedings, a solemn announcement marks on 19 March as the official broadcasting commencement date of brand new TVB Mandarin Jade on TVB Anywhere, serving four major overseas time zones in Australia, Europe, Western Canada and Eastern Canada, and using Mandarin to deliver latest news stories and TVB dramas. TVB Anywhere also announces collaboration with MVTV in Thailand in launching TVB Anywhere Thai Pack, bringing new media to non-Chinese speaking communities. In addition to channels showing TVB dramas dubbed into Thai, it also has 100 other Thai channels showing all kinds of programs. TVB and MVTV have also jointly produced programs infused with local Thai touches, including Big Boys Club, House Hunting Tour and Thai Boxing. Mr Chaiyut Tavipvoradech, Board of Director of MVTV and Mr. Desmond Chan, General Manager of TVBI host “TVB Anywhere Thai OTT Service Launching”. Towards the end of the press conference, participated executives, executive producers and artistes give toast, marking the harmonious close of the event.