On the 2nd Anniversary of myTV SUPER, Television Broadcasts Limited’s (TVB) General Manager SK Cheong announced that the platform has become the 2nd highest rated TV platform since its launch in 2016, with a weekly viewership of 26 million and more than 20 million viewing hours per week. Its users have also exceeded 5.7 million.  He also applaud myTV SUPER’s trusted partner, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN) for its cooperation since the launch. Besides, the celebration also witnessed the premiering of Flying Tiger, the first co-production drama with Shaw Brothers Pictures to provide entertaining contents for myTV SUPER users.

SK Cheong said, “myTV SUPER has accomplished in just two years no matter on rating or subscription number. 2017 is a crucial year for myTV SUPER that we have executed the Disney Star Wars merchandise purchase strategy which combined both contents and e-commerce, to create the special user experience in movies viewing and online shopping. We sincerely thank all of our partners and content providers for their facilitation and our audiences for their support; and most importantly, HKBN, for providing our audiences with the most stable content-delivery networks. In 2018 we will deepen cooperation to take myTV SUPER to greater heights.”

This year, myTV SUPER plans to take its partnership with HKBN to a whole new level, aggressively offering the OTT platform’s service to HKBN’s home broadband as well as mobile services customers. William Yeung, Co-Owner and CEO of HKBN said, “The partnership between myTV SUPER and HKBN has been an unprecedented success in the industry. We are each leveraging our abilities perfectly; whilst myTV SUPER focuses on strengthening its OTT entertainment content, HKBN will race ahead in introducing this amazing content to our 1 million+ fixed-lined and mobile services customers, bringing them top-value service and content at highly competitive prices, and ultimately create a win-win-win situation for TVB, HKBN and our customers.”

Flying Tiger was also announced as the first co-production drama with Shaw Brothers Pictures, starring Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Michael Miu, Cheung Siu-fai, Grace Chan and more at the Hong Kong Filmart today. The drama will be premiered on myTV SUPER.

In the line-up for 2018, there are over 50 different channels that serve up more than 26,000 hours of TVB-produced programs and 20,000 hours of acquired shows. Over 48,000 hours of express and premium programs are handpicked to TVB and international on-demand packages.

International on-demand packages include Disney SVOD, BBC Entertainment & Information Pack, SONY Pictures Television Entertainment Pack, Blue Ant Entertainment Pack, Action Thriller Movie Entertainment Pack, CJ Korean Entertainment Pack, Ani-One SVOD, Nickelodeon Kids Pack, Celestial Shaw Movies SVOD Pack, Red Label SVOD, Mezzo LIVE HD and myTV SUPER Movie Pack. myTV SUPER also covers world class sports events and creates special zones for LIVE and catch-up viewing. We look forward to upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics and 2018 ITTF World Tour (Hong Kong Open) as well as other international soccer events LIVE on beIN SPORTS channels.

For more details, visit www.mytvsuper.com.