Two days before Christmas, Andrea (Catherine Walker: ‘Versailles’; ‘Critical’) is sent by Benthos Oil to investigate a fatal accident on a North Sea rig. Met by an inexplicable wall of silence from the crew, Andrea starts to suspect something is very wrong – and when a hurricane slams into Rig 45, cutting off all communications with the outside world, the crew find themselves battling both the elements and a shockingly devious killer.

‘Rig 45’ co-stars Gary Lewis (‘Outlander’; ‘Gangs of New York’), Lisa Henni (‘Easy Money’; ‘Fallet’) and Søren Malling (‘A Hijacking’; ‘A Royal Affair’). The series is directed by Per Hanefjord (TV3’s ‘Black Widows’). Production is by Mopar Media Group AB and ITV International Distribution will distribute globally.

Jakob Mejlhede, MTG EVP and Head of Programming and Content Development: “Trapped on a creaking oil rig in a storm with a seemingly unstoppable murderer – ‘Rig 45’ combines high waves with even higher tension. Incredible set design, great writing and an amazing ensemble cast will push your nerves to the very edge. When it comes to unbearable suspense, this rig just struck the big one.”