I had the honour to be invited by all3media to an exclusive roundtable discussion with international renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay. He’s certainly a showman by nature.

British chef Gordon Ramsay is celebrating 25 years in the television industry this year, with shows like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, Kitchen Nightmares and F Word having made him a well-known personality across the world. It’s a long way from his fi rst visit to Cannes in 1992 as the chef on Neighbours mogul Reg Grundy’s yacht. Ramsay was the fi rst keynote speaker at this year’s MIPCOM, talking about his current shows for Studio Ramsay (which is represented by all3media), his experience in the industry, and his future plans.

Ramsay stressed that he didn’t have TV ambitions at the time, despite being asked if he saw a future in television. “I said there’s no way I’m fit for TV!” he said, of a time when he was focused on mastering his culinary craft.